& K To B u i l d Split H u l l H o p p e r Dredge For H e i n r i c h Hirdes

O&K Orenstein & Koppel Aktiengesellschaft recently delivered a contract to supply a hopper suction dredger with a hopper capacity of 1,500 cubic meters. The contract was placed by Heinrich H i r d e s GmbH, Hamburg. The dredger will be built to Germanischer- Lloyd class +100 A4 "Dredger" +MC AUT 16/24 at O&K's shipyard in Lubeck. Called a "split hopper," the hull is divided longitudinally and is opened for unloading.

The two side suction pipes with pressure-activated, trailing suction heads are designed for 73- foot dredging depth. The dredge pumps can be used for loading and unloading the hopper. For unloading, the pumps can be operated singly, connected in parallel or in series. The engine plant is designed for unattended engine room. Two main diesels will provide primary energy for propulsion, the dredge pumps, and the ship's mains. The diesels can be operated with heavy oil. The total diesel capacity installed will be 3,200 bhp.

Two v a r i a b l e - p i t c h propeller systems and an O&K Tornado transverse thruster will provide for good maneuverability of the dredger in narrow estuaries. The fully laden dredger will reach a speed of more than 10 knots. Airconditioned cabins will be provided for a crew of 11. The dredger could also be operated in tropical waters. Delivery is scheduled for the beginning of 1982.

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