S i n g a p o r e Signs Contract For Imodco H a r b o r T e r m i n al

The Port of Singapore Authority has signed a contract for Imodco to design and engineer a Single Point Mooring terminal system to be anchored in 32 meters (about 105 feet) of water in Singapore Harbor.

The single grade buoy will be capable of mooring fully loaded tankers of up to 320,000 dwt for the discharge of crude oil, and is scheduled for completion and delivery exactly 71 •_> months after the mid-December contract award. Design of the 12.5-meter diameter (about 41 feet) terminal system will include a telemetry control monitoring unit and calls for withstanding such storm conditions as a wind velocity of 32 meters per second and wave heights of 2.5 meters (about 8 feet).

The Port Authority project is the second for Imodco in Singapore. A CALM for ESSO Singapore Private, Ltd., for handling crude oil tankers of up to 252,000 dwt, has been in operation since 1970.

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