Sembawang Yard Completes Multimillion-Dollar Overhaul Job On McDermott Barge

Sembawang Shipyard, Singapore, recently completed a multimillion-dollar contract awarded by McDermott Incorporated of New Orleans for repairs and modifications on the Derrick Barge No. 19. A new feature added to the main deck of the barge, which has been renamed DLB 19, is a pipelaying ramp 164 feet long and 19.7 feet wide. To facilitate the new installations, the main deck and internals in way of the new work were completely removed and replaced with a watertight rampdeck extending from midship to stern, where a 25-ton "stinger" hitch fabricated of 50-mm-thick, high tensile steel was installed. The inboard side of the ramp was attached to a new watertight longitudinal bulkhead; the outboard side forms a new bulwark. Sixteen pipe tension machine foundations were fabricated and fitted; underdeck these foundations were strengthened with deep girders.

Prior to her modifications, DLB 19 had a complement of 60. With her new role in pipelaying operations, she had to house a crew up to 102, so new living quarters comprising cabins, toilets, a laundry, a lounge, and a movie room were constructed.

Four existing water ballast tanks were converted to living quarters according to working plans prepared by McDermott. With the additional demand for cool air, a new 37,000-cfm Carrier, modular central airconditioning unit was installed.

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