Promet Private Launches Jackup Drilling Rig For Sedco

promet private launches
jackup drilling rig for sedco

Promet Private Limited, Singapore, recently launched the Sedco 160 (shown above). Under construction for Sedco, Inc. of Dallas, the rig is a BMC-150 Baker Marine designed, self-elevating independent leg type equipped with three independent tubular legs of 260 feet, raised and lowered by means of rack and pinion electrohydraulic drive. Jacking speed can be varied to 60 feet/ hour at full load.

The platform measures 151 feet by 155 feet by 18 feet. It is intended that the unit will operate at water depths of up to 160 feet. Delivery had been scheduled for the end of March 1981.

Following the award of the above rig, there are two more orders from Sedco to Promet for the construction of the Sedneth 201 and Sedneth 202. The two identical rigs measure 174 feet by 162H feet by 18 feet. Each rig will be equipped with three independent truss legs of 301V& feet. Jacking system shall be by means of BMC rack and pinion electrohydraulic drive. Both BMC- 200 I C Class jackups will be able to operate at water depths of up to 200 feet.

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