Promet Private Limited Completes Jackup Service Barge For Sun Contractors

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Promet Private Limited, Singapore, recently launched its second self-propelled jackup wells e r v i c e b a r g e , named Frank Purkey (shown above).

Built for Sun Contractors, this barge was delivered at the end of May 1981.

The Frank Purkey measures 110 feet by 50 feet by 10 feet. It is equipped with a sophisticated floating elevating mechanism and other facilities needed to service oil wells. It has three tubular legs, each 205 feet, which support the barge while in a jacked-up position.

The well-service barge is designed to undertake a variety of work: testing and maintenance of wells; repairing and maintenance of offshore drilling platforms and p i p e l i n e s ; drillingproduction testing; firefighting; and even cargo-handling. In addition, t h e r e are two cranes mounted on the barge t h a t enable it to p e r f o rm heavy lifts. This barge is classed under the American Bureau of Shipping as A-l.

Other orders from Sun Cont r a c t o r s include one more threelegged jackup barge and two four-legged jackup barges.

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