MarineLine Boosts C l e a r w a t e r ' s Profitability

Before Holland-based Clearwater Group's newbuild MT Coralwater, a 5,300-dwt chemical tanker, entered service in July of 1998, the vessel's cargo tanks were coated with MarineLine, the Siloxirane polymer-based anti-corrosion system developed and manufactured by Advanced Polymer Sciences, Inc.


Sending Screws, Pistons and Lube Oil via Satellite

In just a few years, the Schepers shipping line communications have evolved from telex punched tape to a super-fast and easily operated communications system At the Rudolf Schepers shipping line based in Elsfleth in the Oldenburg region, shipping is a business with traditions.

Enterprise Marine Completes First Major Ship Repair Contract

—Literature A v a i l a b l e— According to an announcement by co-owners Joseph Cangelosi and Carl McBratney, their newly formed company, Enterprise Marine and Industrial Repairs, Inc. of Port Newark, N.J., has recently completed its first major

UPSCO Launches Hull Number 001 — A 120-Foot Tug For An ITB

The Upper Peninsula Shipbuilding Co. (UPSCO) in Ontonagon, Mich., recently launched its first vessel to be built under contract. Hull No. 001—a 1,053-ton tug for an integrated tug-barge (ITB) system—is being built, along with four barges, for the State of Michigan.

Glomar Robert F. Bauer Christened At FELS

Far East Levingston Shipbuilding Ltd. (FELS) recently christened the Glomar Robert F Bauer, a 2,500-foot wd drillship. The vessel was christened by Mrs. Dorothy M. Bauer, wife of the former president and founder of Global Marine. The drillship,

Title XI Approval For Three Product Carriers To Cost $197 Million

The M a r i t i m e Administration has approved in principle the application of First Attransco Tanker Corp., Second Attransco Tanker Corp., and Third Attransco Tanker Corp. for a Title XI guarantee to aid in financing the construction of three 50,884-deadweightton oil product carriers.

Zigler Yard Launches 80,000-Barrel Tank Barge For Louisiana Marine

Zigler Shipyard, a division of Lee-Vac, Ltd., recently launched an 80,000-barrel barge, the LMT Pelican, constructed for Louisiana Marine T r a n s p o r t of Chelsea, Mass. The barge, the second of its kind to be constructed by the Jennings, La.

Prudential, Stanwick Develop Shipboard Maintenance System

Maritime systems engineers from the Norfolk, Va., division of The Stanwick Corporation, working with Prudential Lines' maintenance and repair staff, recently developed and installed a prototype engineering plant maintenance and repair management system

PropacRudder Benefits Confirmed In Service

Wartsila NSD has recently completed shipboard trials with the new Wartsila NSD PropacRudder. and results are promising, according to the manufacturer. The innovative propulsion system, originally introduced a little more than a year ago, was designed to reduce propulsive power requirement,

Massport Building New $4-Million Passenger Cruise Ship Terminal

Massport's Board recently awarded a $4-million contract to Trust Construction Corporation of Chelmsford, Mass., for construction of a new cruise ship terminal. The facility, to be called Harbor Gateway Terminal, will be located at the Boston Army Base in South Boston.

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