N e w X-FLO Turbo Compressor Represents Major Advance In Impeller Technology

—Literature Available Ingersoll-Rand Company, Charlotte, N.C., recently introduced the new X-FLO compressor that is said to represent a major advancement in impeller technology. X-FLO's impeller design makes high-speed rotation possible, without



Eighth Presentation Of This High-Quality Exhibition Is Booked To Capacity Indications are that this year's Nor-Shipping Exhibition, to be held as usual at the Sjolyst Centre in Oslo, will attract great interest. All available exhibition space had been booked six months in advance,

New "Ax-Bow" To Increase Ships' Efficiency

Considerable effort, particularly following the oil embargo of the 1970s, has been placed on reducing the fuel oil consumption of ships, a task readily handled by a series of improvements in hull shapes, the fitting of energy savings devices, and

S/S Resolute Delivered 13 Weeks Ahead Of Schedule

The $43-million highly automated merchant c o n t a i n e r s h ip S S Resolute was delivered to F a r r e l l Lines Incorporated 13 weeks ahead of schedule by Bath Iron Works, a Congoleum Company. The ship's condition was so excellent that it was delivered directly from sea trials,

Proposed Regulations Regarding Source of Income From Activities In Intl. Waters

The Internal Revenue Service (the "IRS") has issued proposed regulations under section 863 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the "Code"), providing new rules for determining the source of income from activities conducted in international waters for purposes of U.

Scottish Company To Revolutionize Coating Inspection

Luminous Technologies Ltd. has, after 12 years of research, developed an optically active additive (OAA) that when introduced into an existing coating formulation enables easier inspection during application and through life of the coating — without

Recent Wartsila Four-Stroke Engine Developments

Wartsilii has focused its technological developments in this realm on three main areas: Common-rail fuel injection for heavy-fuel engines: Humidification methods for reduction of NOx; and Dual-fuel engines with micro pilot. Long-term research on

GE LM2500+: Packing A More Powerful Punch

Market demand for more powerful machines led GE Marine & Industrial Engines' (M&IE) to expand its aeroderivative product line, resulting in the recent introduction of the LM2500+ gas turbine. With a design based on the popular LM2500, the new

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