The Many Modes of Hinge-Ship

Hinge-Ship is designed as a multi-functional and convertible vessel, which will help ship owners and operators meet a variety of needs in a safe, efficient and costeffective manner. The following are details of the vessel types designed to date.


Tl Has A New Fleet Management System To Improve Vessel Operating Efficiency

Texas Instruments has an- nounced the new TI Marine Busi- ness System designed to give fleet managers a promising new home office tool for improving vessel oper- ating efficiency. Designed to utilize information logged by a TI 8000 Integrated Marine System installed on individual vessels,

Sending Screws, Pistons and Lube Oil via Satellite

In just a few years, the Schepers shipping line communications have evolved from telex punched tape to a super-fast and easily operated communications system At the Rudolf Schepers shipping line based in Elsfleth in the Oldenburg region, shipping is a business with traditions.

New "Ax-Bow" To Increase Ships' Efficiency

Considerable effort, particularly following the oil embargo of the 1970s, has been placed on reducing the fuel oil consumption of ships, a task readily handled by a series of improvements in hull shapes, the fitting of energy savings devices, and

Coast Guard Study Reveals Double Hulls Will Raise Shipping Costs

The Coast Guard recently conducted a draft Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA) of the proposal it made to implement the requirement of double hulls in OPA 90. The study found that the costs of double hulls, double bottoms, double sides, and smaller tanks would cost the operator more,

M a r A d Study A v a i l a b le O n D e v e l o p m e n t Of A S t a n d a r d C a r g o Ship

The development of a standardized general cargo ship to help meet the future requirements of the U.S. merchant marine would yield substantial benefits to ship operators, shipbuilders and the Government, according to a study released recently by the Maritime Administration.

Prudential, Stanwick Develop Shipboard Maintenance System

Maritime systems engineers from the Norfolk, Va., division of The Stanwick Corporation, working with Prudential Lines' maintenance and repair staff, recently developed and installed a prototype engineering plant maintenance and repair management system

PFEL Names R.C. Rasmus Senior Vice President

Pacific Far East Line (PFEL) recently announced the appointment of Ronald C. Rasmus as new senior vice president to manage its New York office. Mr. Rasmus was former Deputy Assistant Administrator for Maritime Aids of the U.S. Maritime Administration.

Oceangoing Towing Guidelines Issued By Det Norske Veritas

Det norske Veritas has recently issued the publication "Guidelines and Requirements for Towing Declarations." The increasing number of towing operations now taking place necessitates such guidelines, which are the first of their kind. The publication

Massport Building New $4-Million Passenger Cruise Ship Terminal

Massport's Board recently awarded a $4-million contract to Trust Construction Corporation of Chelmsford, Mass., for construction of a new cruise ship terminal. The facility, to be called Harbor Gateway Terminal, will be located at the Boston Army Base in South Boston.

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