Dates Set For International Symposium On Marine Salvage

The Maritime Association of the Port of New York and the Marine Technology Society have announced plans to sponsor an International Symposium on Marine Salvage to be held in New York City next year.

The conference, scheduled for October 1-3, 1979, at the New York Hilton Hotel, will bring members of the worldwide shipping, salvage, insurance, government and maritime law communities together for a three-day meeting to discuss all aspects of marine salvage.

The chairman of the conference's Executive Steering Committee is Capt. W.F. Searle Jr., chairman of the Marine Technology Society Committee on Salvage and Diving. Other members of the Steering Committee are Capt. Hugh Spicer, Mobil Shipping and Transportation; John L. Sullivan, president, Smit International; Edward C. Kalaidjian, partner in the law firm of Thacher, Proffitt and Wood; Thomas A. Fain, president, American Institute of Marine Underwriters; George Emmerson, president, The Salvage Association, Ltd.; Thomas Livingstone, vice chairman of the board, Frank B. Hall and Co. of New York, Inc., and Richard Jaeschke, president, United States Salvage Association.

Attendance will be limited to 1,000. For more information on the conference, contact the Maritime Association of the Port of New York, 80 Broad Street, New York, N.Y. 10004.

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