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The Final Word ing improvement, the most common years, both operators and METIs con-

The Future of Maritime Training ones used by operators included safety The future for many industries today sider “reducing accidents” and “improv- records, job performance, and overall is unclear, and while the health, wel- ing safety performance” to be two key crew performance. fare and plight of the seafarer has been drivers to maritime training. In this re-

A smaller but still signi? cant num- the mantra for many years, the impor- gard, it appears that the focus has been a ber looked at trainee feedback, trainee tance of the seafarer as a vital cog in the success. According to the Allianz Safety assessment results, and ? ne-grained wheels of global commerce has never & Shipping Review 20202, there were analysis of individual questions on as- been so apparent, particularly when 41 total losses in 2019 – a record low – sessments. For METIs, the three most- nearly one-third of the world’s seafarers representing a 70% decline in 10 years. cited metrics were customer feedback, and their families are impacted by CO- While total losses were down, the cumu- student assessment results and trainee VID-19. lative number of “shipping incidents” feedback. As the MarTID Training Practices rose 5% to 2,815, with machinery dam-

Report has con? rmed for the past three age/failure (1,044 incidents) as the top cause. Looking again at the connection between the seafarer, training and ship safety, the Allianz report stated:

Quality Assurance METIs Lead the Pack “One of the biggest issues has been the inability to change crews easily be- cause of pandemic restrictions. Relief of crew is essential in ensuring the safety, health and welfare of seafarers. Extend- ed periods on board vessels can result in mentally and physically fatigued crew, which is known to be one of the under- lying causes of human error, estimated to be a contributing factor in 75% to 96% of marine incidents.”

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