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Marine Communications

MV Union Manta Selects Mairlink Fleet F77 MPDS

The MV Union Manta, operated hy the URS Towage & Salvage Union, Ltd., is designed to assist offshore lifting platforms in the construction of oil drilling rigs, oil and gas production plants, storage spars, and other related at-sea construction. The vessel was delivered on March 21, 2003, and currently operates throughout the Gulf of Mexico. The vessel is fitted with three large winches used for the handling and positioning of off- shore platform mooring anchors Main power is sup- plied by two 10,000 hp diesel en gines, producing 'pull power' of 205 tons. This makes he Union Manta one of the world's largest and most powerful Anchor- updates on weather forecasts and maritime conditions.

We also want our surveyors on board to have access to the Internet if needed to run their applications," said

Gert Bogaerts of URS' ICT department. "We also needed a way to manage these computer systems from our head-office. There are no IT person-

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Vessel Husbandry Services

We provide invaluable services to assist vessel owners/operators in maintaining the highest level of compliance with U.S. laws and regulations. Our services are accessible 24 hrs. a day while your ship is in the port, to arrange any services that you or your crew may require. You will find our services to te prompt and efficient and our rates to be most competitive. • Notice of Arrival to U.S. Custcms, pilots, tug operators, U.S. Immigration, APHIS, etc. • Entrance and Clearance of Vessel • Crew Services, including med cal assistance, transportation, and hotel accommodations • Report of Vessel Diversion • Compiling of ship's manifest and submission to

Customs • Preparation and filing of Empty Container Lists • Customs clearance and delive ry of spare parts to the vessel • Cargo Diversion • Vessel Repair Entries for U.S. flag vessels


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Shipbuilders and ship owners rely on Chockfast to simplify installation and maintain performance of — • main propulsion systems • sterntube, strut, pintle, pedestal, rudder, ball and roller bearings • cargo and engine-room pumps • generators, auxiliary equipment • steering gears • bow thrusters, stern winches, anchor windlasses

Knowledgeable shipbuilders and savvy mariners also rely on —

Phillyclad' 1775/620TS: Provides long-lasting protection for main propulsion shafting and other metal surfaces exposed to the sea


Smooth, non-sagging fairing compound fills pitted or damaged surfaces, weld seams, joints and cracks in castings

Phillymastic' TG-7B: Load-bearing trowelable/pumpable mastic simplifies all types of tank installations

Impax' NONSKID: For safer footing and better traction on decks, roll- on/roll-off ramps and helicopter pads

Phillyclad" 6470: Heavy-duty marine coating for propeller shaft couplings and pump impellers

When reliability cannot be compromised ^Philadelphia Resins telephone 215.855.8450

Circle 239 on Reader Service Card 28 nel present on board of the vessel, so the IT department must have 24/7 access in case of a problem. Because of this, we needed a stable system which is 'always online' with highly reliable mail delivery." Bogaerts noted.

The owners of the Union Manta conducted a thor- ough evaluation of at-sea communications systems to find the best solution that delivers constant and reliable communications for the transfer of massive amounts of online data that is suited for a relatively small number of users. "Marlink's Fleet F77 Mobile Packet Data Service (MPDS), via Inmarsat is the solution we chose to install and use aboard the Union Manta." "For use on our newly-built Union Manta we were seeking a system that gives us the possibility to provide a business network on board while giving us the oppor- tunity to provide a reliable mail system to both our crew and the surveyors," Bogaerts said. "Therefore, we decided to install a Windows 2003 server running MS

Exchange Server with four client PCs. For the future, we are considering running other applications on this network with a real-time connection to our head-office in Antwerp. Belgium." "To make this connection possible we opted in the first place for the Inmarsat Fleet F77 system from

Thrane & Thrane. After the ship had been operational for about three months, we decided to add a second

Fleet F77 system. This time, we chose the Nera

System. This was done to provide a backup system in case the first unit is out of order. "The Inmarsat Fleet F77 MPDS system, with service from Marlink. gives us a very easy solution for around- the-clock online communications. We can exchange e- mails whenever we want and we can contact the ship's computers for maintenance/troubleshooting from our head office using a VPN tunnel. The UDI connection may be faster but we prefer to have an 'always on' sys- tem." Bogaerts concluded.

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Handling Towing Tugs.

In addition to these power features, the vessel is equipped for stand-alone remole operated vehicles (ROV) and survey jobs. The vessel is outfitted to accommodate up to 37 persons including a dedicated full-time crew of 15 and as many as 22 additional sub- contractors. On board there are engineering specialists who operate the ROVs, which are small, unmanned submarines equipped with cameras and robot arms for operation down to depths of 6,000 ft. The ROVs are used to inspect existing pipelines, conduct pre-lay sea floor inspections, and position and fit pipeline protec- tive covers on the seabed. "Union Manta ship operations require a constant exchange of large streams of elec tronic data constant, around-the-clock, as well as the need for continuous

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