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New Products

Innovative new products, technologies and concepts

Sonardyne Tech spread for Brazil ? eet

C-Innovation (C-I) chose a suite of equipped with Sonardyne’s Ranger 2

Sonardyne’s underwater positioning Ultra-Short BaseLine (USBL) posi- and navigation systems to support its tioning system, which is used for both operations offshore Brazil. dynamic positioning (DP) reference

ROVs onboard six ROV support and deep water target tracking.

vessels (RSVs) in the country will SPRINT-Nav combines Sonardyne’s be equipped with Sonardyne inertial, SPRINT sensor, Syrinx 600 kHz DVL

Photo: Hydromea gyrocompass and Doppler technolo- and a high accuracy intelligent pressure gies, as well as hybrid acoustic-inertial sensor packaged in a compact deep-rat-

Hydromea LUMA X systems. Speci? cally, C-I has ordered ed housing that’s simple to integrate on

SPRINT inertial navigation systems both remote and autonomous underwa- Hydromea launched a new pat- (INS), a Lodestar attitude and heading ter platforms. ent-pending subsea wireless com- reference system (AHRS), Syrinx Dop- The tight integration of inertial sensor munication modem LUMA X. The pler velocity logs (DVLs) and Sonar- and raw acoustic aiding data at a low LUMA X can beam data using light dyne’s hybrid acoustic-inertial under- level enables SPRINT-Nav to regularly at up to 10 Mbit/s with a 120-de- water vehicle navigation instruments, exceed the most stringent of position- gree cone. With that, the LUMA

SPRINT-Nav. C-I has also ordered a ing speci? cations, making it an ideal X ena-bles real-time streaming of quantity of Sonardyne’s Compatt 6+ choice for vehicle guidance, station HD-quality video and 4K images transponders and Wideband Sub-Mini keeping and long endurance navigation. wirelessly through water – allow- 6+ (WSM 6+) transponder/responders “We’re pleased to continue the ing the operators of autonomous for tracking structures and vehicles. relationship we have with Sonardyne, underwater vehicles to monitor its

Most of the vessels (including Bongo, building on a long-standing partnership interventions from the comfort of

Santos Service, Joe Grif? n and Debo- and with the local technical support that its control rooms onshore.

rah Kay) will be working for Petrobras, they offer here in Brazil,” said Tomás “The wide-angle beam gives and one vessel (Cabo Frio) will be Peixoto, Survey Manager at C-Inno- subsea vehicles connecting via the working for Karoon Energy. The scope vation, an af? liate of Edison Chouest LUMA X a lot of freedom of move- of work is subsea inspection, mainte- Offshore and its family of companies, ment,” said Felix Schill, co-founder nance and repair operations (IMR) and says. “With these latest orders, we’re and CTO of Hydromea. “The small

ROV support. ensuring our ? eet continues to provide size of the modem and its stand-

Five of the six vessels, which start unmatched services to our customers.” ard transparent link allow for easy contracts in Brazil this year, are already retro? tting into legacy systems.” “Radio waves do not penetrate water well, so resolving high- bandwidth communication under- water, for streaming high volumes of data, is a huge challenge,” said

Igor Martin, co-founder and CEO of Hydromea. “With our focus on miniaturization and scalability,

LUMA X is the ? rst optical device of its kind in such form factor with these impressive characteristics. It

Photo: C-Innovation is also extremely power-ef? cient.”

Above: The Bongo RSV is one of C-

LUMA X comes in a titanium

Innovation’s vessels being upgraded housing with serial and ethernet with Sonardyne technologies.

connectors and will be pressure- rated to 6,000 meter depth.

Left: Sonardyne’s hybrid navigator

SPRINT-Nav has been chosen by C-

Innovation for its ROVs in Brazil.

Photo: Sonardyne 57

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