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The EPCI contractor was responsible for selecting vendors globally, what do you see?

and worked with mostly domestic partners. For our new proj-

The reason for having invested into this business is be- ects POA will be the EPCI contractor and so we’d be inte- cause we see a market globally. Apart from certain onshore grating the main suppliers to a much larger extent into our RAS farms, sustainable seafood of the highest quality can be work. Familiar companies from the oil and gas industry such farmed only offshore. Nearshore capacity has been reached in as Kongsberg, Jotun, Caterpillar, Siemens, etcetera also sup- countries that are currently large producers and overall sus- ply their solutions to the offshore aquaculture industry. ABS tainability of nearshore aquaculture has lead in any case to will of course remain our partner for all certi? cation and we’ll substantial pollution and other adverse effects on nearshore work together to further update standards.

stakeholders (recreation, renewable energy, etc.). Wildcatch has been declining over the past decades and although it will

When you look at the potential for the obviously continue, offshore aquaculture will increasingly be offshore ? sh farm market holistically, providing a sustainable balance to the mix of seafood supply.

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