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Unmanned Platforms and Underwater Vehicles

The SeaGlider shown slung beneath Caravela.

fool proof as possible, robust and able with the AutoNaut’s wave propelled stainless steel hinged clamp which is to cope with biofouling, he says. Ideas propulsion (which relies on the bow loosened, via a linear actuator, which such as carrying SeaGlider on top of moving up and down to an extent), with releases a spring, which pushes a rod the AutoNaut and or towing it were set a release mechanism that could be trig- (the only part that penetrates the hull), aside. Instead, a way to carry it under- gered by a remote pilot, over satellite, opening the clamp enough to allow the neath, mid-aft, in order not to interfere was designed. The result is a circular, SeaGlider out. The SeaGlider’s tail ? n 38 November/December 2020

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