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November/December 2020

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On the Cover

The AutoNaut Caravela wave propelled unmanned surface vessel with its SeaGlider payload. (Photo credit: Autonaut) 18 USCG in the Arctic RDT&E’s annual Arctic technology evaluation puts new and emergin tech to the test in the most demanding conditions.

By Karin Messenger 18 24 Interview:

U.S. Coast Guard photos by SN Kate Kilroy Steve Hall, CEO, SUT We checked in with the outgoing chief executive of SUT for his insights on a breadth of topics impacting subsea operations now and in the future.

By Greg Trauthwein Unmanned Marine 34

Systems ... Squared.

Unmanned platforms and underwater vehicles have been providing new ways for ocean scientists to study the ocean in more detail and over longer periods. What happens if one can deploy the other?

By Elaine Maslin 40 ‘Old MacDonald’

Takes to the Water An innovative new ? sh farm 24 solution was deployed earlier this year when the De Maas’

Semi-submersible Spar Fish

Farm (SSFF) became the world’s ? rst offshore farm 40 installed at an open ocean location.

By Greg Trauthwein 4 Editor’s Note 6 Quotable 8 Leading Off: Energy Outlook 12 In the News 50 Case Study 52 New Products 63 Classi? ed 64 Advertisers Index

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