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Interview SUT’s Chief Executive Steve Hall

There are a lot of organizations value to somebody else as well. I don’t It’s one of the valuable roles the learn- and professional societies, there think we’ll see quite so much of this ing societies and professional bodies are also a lot of distractions kind of ‘silo mentality’ in the future play is acting as perhaps that spine that for people today … everyone where folks land (and stay in) just one follows them through that long career. is busy. When you look at SUT, sector. I think we’re going to see a lot So we’re going to see a lot of changes, what makes it unique? What do more ? exibility, particularly from the and that will be where publications like you taut as the chief value of kids as they come through and maybe Marine Technology Reporter have an being a member?

spend some years in industry, then go important role as well in maintaining across to academia, maybe then over and building that community as people I’d say the chief value of SUT is the into government, then back into indus- spread out into such a wide range of networking, meeting people who don’t try throughout a long career. other interests. do exactly the same thing as you, but

We care about what our colleagues are doing, whether they’re out in the South China

Sea or if they’re off the coast of

Africa or in the middle of a North

Sea storm ... everybody is facing those same hazards, the same beauty, the technical challenges.

How do you anchor a wind farm in turbulent waters? Is it possible to extract manganese nodules or ferromanganese crusts from the deep sea bed without completely destroying the local ecosystem?

We’re all aware of these challenges.

And even after all of these years, there’s so little of the deep ocean ? oor that we’ve really explored.

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