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Damen Completes OceanXplorer Rebuild

Damen Shipyards Group completed the rebuild of research vessel OceanXplorer at Damen Shiprepair Rotterdam. As

OceanX’s new ? agship, she is equipped with a series of sub- mersibles, sonar arrays, manned submarines, an ROV and AUV.

OceanXplorer’s research facilities are paired with Hollywood quality ? lming and media studios – developed in partnership with ? lmmaker James Cameron. With this, the vessel’s ? nd- ings can be live-streamed to audiences worldwide at the exact moment of discovery. The project required Damen to rebuild the vessel – a former offshore survey ship – in essence from the main deck upwards by stripping the existing accommodation and adding a complete new and much larger accommodation to house the new laboratories, workshops and submarine hangar.


The ship is unique in its combining of up-to-the-minute

Xplorer in research facilities – courtesy of renowned naval architects the fjords of

Skipsteknisk – and top-of-the-line interior accommodations, de-


signed by Christina Fallah. The vessel’s additional interiors as

Credit Damen Shipyards Group well as its exterior were styled by Steve Gresham.

Making Hydrographers’ Tasks Easier

Courtesy of Cadden

Navsight Marine Solution Qinertia

The Next Generation INS/GNSS

State-of-the-art Motion

Post-processing Software & Navigation Solution 13

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