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Autonomous Workboats

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The software-agnostic goal was built into the work process so that data can be shared across different CAD scope for the Crowley/Jensen pilot. It included the identi- platforms. To support an ef? cient design-review process, ? cation of 3D model formats that Jensen Maritime wanted the designer creates sectional views, which allow ABS engi- to submit for ABS review, and the determination of the 3D neers to more easily navigate the model. When used in tan- models that were to be submitted for testing. The program dem with a ? le-transfer protocol, engineers and designers was tested with hull scantling models. As the focus was on communicate comments and annotations via 3D PDFs, the plan-review work? ow, a full engineering plan review assuring the secure transfer of data.

of the models was not conducted for this part of the pilot.

ABS veri? ed the design, conducted spot checks of the de- Next Steps tails required for plan review to ensure that the models could As the next logical step for this technology, ABS is in- be fully reviewed. Other details of the work scope included: terested in piloting it for use in class surveys, an exercise • Collection and preparation of documentation, data, that would build understanding about how designers and and 3D model required for the test work

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