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Autonomous Workboats

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Exploring Class Approvals, Exploring Class Approvals,

Supported by CADSupported by CAD

ABS software supports designs across most vessel sectors. This pilot project focused on tug and barge designs, producing promising results.

Edited by Joseph Keefe ensen Maritime, the naval architecture and ma- gram that best ? ts our needs for the project.” rine engineering arm of Crowley Maritime Corp, The ABS software would support designs across most and ABS have completed a precedent-setting pilot vessel sectors, but the pilot focused on tug and barge de-

J project using three-dimensional computer-aided design signs, a sector where Crowley and Jensen Maritime have (CAD) models to support plan reviews for class approval. considerable industry recognition and experience. It used a

In what is believed to be an industry ? rst, the innova- detailed 3D-model environment that seamlessly integrated tive pilot was not proprietary to speci? c brands of CAD with the ABS classi? cation processes.

software, allowing designers to use the versions with which Unique to the ABS-engineered solution is the ability to they are most familiar, or those that are best suited to the upload 3D models that are developed by using all major design project. CAD modeling software – including widely used brands such as Aveva/Tribon, Intergraph, Autodesk/Autocad and

Saving Time and Money Rhino – expanding the options for designers and owners.

In eliminating the need to create 2D drawings to submit for the class design-review process, the initiative is expect- The Future: 3D Modeling ed to achieve a time savings of as much as 25%, and reduce Three-dimensional modeling is increasingly relied upon the designer’s costs of approval. by the maritime industry’s design houses and builders for “Being able to send our 3D models directly to ABS for planning initial structural and machinery systems, with engineering review saves us time and resources that are cur- more than half of respondents con? rming adoption in a rently used to develop 2D drawings,” said Crowley Mari- recent ABS survey.

time Vice President of Engineering Services, Jay Edgar. “Using 3D software models is the logical next step for “ABS’s CAD-agnostic approach is an important factor in ABS as we expand our digital footprint and continually en- this process because it allows us to use the modeling pro- hance the class experience,” ABS Vice President for Tech-

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