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Autonomous Workboats

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SPECIAL REPORT: TECH TRENDS cost than traditional methods. Early in arrival, but loaded ing by a ship’s crew when in a crisis management scenario. with possibility, drones are changing the way inspections, Having a drone can provide key information that would surveys and work gets done on ships, vessels and offshore not otherwise be available. This would also include search assets around the world. The uses are many. and rescue (SAR) operations should the need arise.

According to the Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty’s Drones may also be used for oceanographic research, (AGCS) Safety and Shipping Review 2018, the uses for gathering accurate information about bodies of water and

UAVs in the global maritime industry are many. Inspec- shorelines used for navigational safety purposes. Such tion and survey are obvious, but there are many other ap- bathymetric surveys gather and aggregate such informa- plications. They may survey environmental pollution such tion for the publication of nautical charts. Drones may as questionable discharges in and around vessels, they may use specially designed bathymetric sensors and forego be used at terminals and on board ships to monitor cargo the use of aircraft and helicopters, saving signi

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