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Autonomous Workboats

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REGULATORY REVIEW “We need a clear understanding of who’s doing what so everyone can use resources wisely and we avoid confusion and bottlenecks. Overall I think the industry is in a good position.” – Mary McCarthy, Manager of Quality Systems,

Canal Barge Company wine in May. The process took about said that businesses need to be cogni- Company, Inc., based in New Orleans 12 weeks, from initial ? ling to cer- zant of Sub M’s non-stop logistics – but operating towboats throughout ti? cate. Captain Rick Iuliucci, Vane’s 12-13 tugs (for Vane) need to be kept the inland river system. McCarthy

General Manager at Vane’s Philadel- in compliance and pass inspection ev- said that, between CBC and its Chi- phia City Dock facility, said Vane’s ery year. He said managers “need to cago-area ? eeting company Illinois

COI process formally started early in be aware that this is constant and start 2018. Vane is an AWO member and to determine now how to best stagger the company selected the TPO, con- program requirements among vessels tracting with the American Bureau and operations.” of Shipping. The RCP was the basic Iuliucci also noted that a COI is framework for Vane’s safety manage- not something that gets framed and ment system. Beyond this, and where hung on the wall. “A COI is not some ? rms are using outside software carte-blanche for operations,” he said, solutions to house their SubM docu- adding, “It is a process, something to mentation, Vane has in-house systems incorporate into a safety system.” He created by its own software engineers also predicted a much more engaged that the ? rm uses for record keeping. relationship between the Coast Guard

The COI process went smoothly and vessel owners. “You could very for the Brandywine. But there’s an im- well encounter a ‘no sail’ item under plicit, critical lesson here: things went Sub M,” he advised, depending on smoothly, but that was an outcome how the Coast Guard might react to built on a lot of hard work; it didn’t more real-time reporting of machin- just happen. Iuliucci and Vane have ery or equipment failures. “Those been in Sub M ‘prep’ mode for years. kinds of directions are going to hap-

The steps to a COI were ? nal steps, pen under Sub M,” Iuliucci said. hardly tentative or speculative. To the “There will be much more interface contrary, Iuliucci is con? dent of plans with the Coast Guard, much more to bring all of Vane’s tugs into com- dialogue, because of the inevitability pliance by 2022. Vane will stick with of maintenance and operational issues

ABS as their third-party contractor. which will now be under the review of

Iuliucci was asked about challenges the Coast Guard.” going forward. After all, one tug is Mary McCarthy is Manager of complete, but there are 49 to go. He Quality Systems with Canal Barge MN 33

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